Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Faces of CSS Committee 2012-2013

It is my personal takeover of the Curtin CSS blogspot being the new cliche 'multimedia and games' committee for the semester. At 3am in the morning and still failing to catch a slumber, there cannot be a better time to rummage through this new world of social networking and by God, blogspot appears to be an utter new dimension after one has been 'loyal' to Facebook for aeons.

Surprisingly, I took the initiative to discuss about the revival of this blogspot to my fellow committee-mate Martin. Says Martin, "I have a blogspot" and that had me inspired for a moment and the CSS blogspot saw it's glimpse of hope. That was until he added a 'but' to the apparently incomplete sentence. It appears that he has the slightest clue about it just as I do.

Nevertheless, I would just like to take this opportunity to introduce the new committee members that will be in charge of the Curtin CSS until the next annual election which is two semesters away. CSS will be led by the favourite Adrian Soe Myint. It took me awhile before I actually found the button to attach a picture to this post and then it hit me- I don't have an appropriate picture of him under this circumstances. The slightly-less-than-ordinary name suggests that he's probably not from around here, this is because he's from Myanmar! Personally I can't think of anyone else better suited for the job. This guy excels in everything else including the Bible.

Well, there you have it. Better yet, here are the faces of the new committee members. CTRL-C-V-ed my way from Facebook but hey, at least I took the initiative. Sadly, Martin is being blocked by our very own president Adrian. Anyhow, Adrian shall be assisted by the most adorable vice Rachel Chuo Chung Ee. CSS is in good hands when you put these two together.

I would love to thoroughly describe the rest of the team, my English could use some scrubbing. Unfortunately, I'm pretty much running out of gas so I'll just swift through.
Secretary- Lisa Marie Mjiol
Vise Secretary- Ansovina Valentina Chai
Treasurer- Jonathan Guan Wei Keat (SIRIM approved)
Vice Treasurer- Elaine Wee
Food - Eve Phyu Ei Hninn, Nduaguba Anulika Lucia
Music- Kevin Lee Ban Giap, Sonia Uli Crocker, Gordon Soo Cheng Wei
Transportation- Jude 'Thaddy' Lim, Antonina Clementina Chai
and last but definitely not least,

GAMES and MULTIMEDIA- Justin Greene Barrie and Martin Yong Hoi Kai

Peace and God Bless.


The man behind the keyboard.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CSS outing 2012 "Lambir Hills National Park"

Lambir Hills National Park CSS Outing 2012

"Work hard, Play hard"

Angela Lee, the only peacemaker in this picture. :)

     Lambir Waterfall famous in Miri, Sarawak.

So ....
Which direction should we go?

When everything is settled up, here come the "Makan Time!"

Well .. What can I say about this picture?

A smiling girl, Reine happy to the max while Peter at the back was like "Oh myy.. You're chubbier than me.."

 Angela Lee (Right) and Reine (Left) is always together in the picture.

On Jungle Tracking mode ! Let's go !

Well .. This is the room that we stayed. "Something like this la"
There are more picture you guys can checked it out .
Just click the link below and you can see more pictures updated.
Cheers peeps~ :)

More pictures:

God bless and have a nice day !

Serving The Ministry by Aylwin Lee

A Talked by Aylwn Lee
"Ku mau sepertiMu Yesus" by Aylwin Lee
A appreciation gift from the President of CSS
Makan Time !